Why does it take so long to get my stuff? 

All orders shipping from Israel which is very far from other countries. 

I ship orders every 4-5 businesses days.
What mainly cause delays are covid-19, local shipping careers, airport delays, holidays, extreme weather, etc. 

With that being said, after the package leaves my county I don’t have any control over it. Your best bet is to contact the shipping company! 


Which carrier are you using for shipping orders? 

Israel-Post. The shipping carrier change when it leaves Israel.

*If you live in the USA it switches to USPS. 


Why is shipping so expensive? 

We ship from Israel. And using a safe career that ship Internationally is not cheap. Making sure you guys receive my packages is my highest priority.

When will you bring back this item? 

I rarely restocking items the same it looked before. I like making modifications in my designs and changing the material/finish of the sticker. Otherwise, it doesn't exciting much ;)

If you have questions about your order, please email me at shirk.info@gmail.com

Include your full name & order number :)