Butterfly HashirašŸ¦‹ // Hoodie
Butterfly HashirašŸ¦‹ // Hoodie
Butterfly HashirašŸ¦‹ // Hoodie

Butterfly HashirašŸ¦‹ // Hoodie

ā™” Home-made embroidery
ā™”Ā 10,000 Stitches
ā™” Design size:Ā 4.3" X 4.3"
ā™” Hoodies are made of 100% cotton
ā™” 350 gsm - midweight
ā™” Very comfy fabric.Ā 
ā™” Only high-quality materials
ā™” The design is 100% drawn by Shir k
ā™” We recommand to wash by hand, or use the wash-machine on maximum 30 degreesĀ  while the hoodie is upsite down ( the design inside the hoodie)

ā™” Please note: the sizes are different thanĀ US standards.
make sure to take a look on the size chart before ordering.Ā 
ā™”Ā EachĀ embroidery haveĀ white stabilizer in the backing. which is nececary for the embroidery process-Ā do not try to cut or removeĀ it.Ā 

šŸŽBONUS: every order will receive a freeĀ Sticker.


As a reminder our business is located inĀ Israel. According to that, there may be delays during COVID-19 period.Ā Thank you for your patience!Ā 

Weā€™ll ship within 1-9 business days.
*Business days in Israel are: Sunday-Thursday excluding holidays and weekends.Ā 



EUROPE: 8-25 businesses daysĀ 
USA:Ā not available
Rest of the world:Ā 12-45 businesses days


TheĀ safest way to mailĀ your orderĀ during the pandemic!

EUROPE: 5-15 businesses daysĀ 
USA:Ā 10-20 businesses daysĀ 
Rest of the world: 10-25 businesses daysĀ 

* Contain extra free Sticker
Ā šŸŽ

Ā There may beĀ delays duringĀ COVID-19.

*International buyers, We are not responsible for any customs fees that may be due in your country.

No refunds, No Returns. No exchanges. Once an order is placed, processing begins immediately.

Please email shirk.info@gmail.com for any questions or concernsšŸ’Œ

ā€¼ļø Donā€™t forget to double check that your address is correctĀ when checking out!